Thursday, November 18, 2010

Granny Panties

I hope I'm not overstepping here the lines of propriety, but quite honestly, I believe this post is a public service. Finding decent underwear is hard!

I still have 18 pair of Hanes white nylon panties with the stretchy lace waistband -- and I do mean "waistband," since they go all the way to the waist. I got onto these a decade ago, when my then-husband and I were RVing our way around America. In the RV community, Wal-Mart is your friend; they let you park overnight for free, and this is so good when it's suddenly dark and it starts to rain and you're nowhere near a campground.

In those conditions, you tend to wander aimlessly around the Wal-Mart, for entertainment. It was thus I discovered my good old Hanes panties, in packages of 6 for $7.99. I bought three packages, and they still look fresh. Or, at least, they have no holes.

My stepdaughter promptly dubbed them "granny panties." But did I care? Why would I? I was married. I don't believe my husband could have picked my underwear out of a lineup, possibly not even with me in it.

But then I became single, and, filled with optimism, decided I'd find myself some fetching undies.

Well, it's a nightmare.

I bought a selection once at Victoria's Secret, thinking I'd try them out, choose the best, and get more. But they turned out to be either so loose they ride up over the butt, or so tight they cut into the hips and thighs on both sides. And as my sister Deb put it so compellingly, "If they're digging in on your skinny butt, what hope is there for the rest of us?"

I asked a saleswoman in the lingerie department once about the Spanx-type undies, meant to smooth you. "The problem is," she said, "wherever they end, you'll pooch out. Unless you get the ones that end at the ankle."

But last summer in Michigan at Mom's, where, for some reason, I don't mind shopping, I discovered the Olga Without A Stitch panties, the high-cuts. They were on sale, so I bought a pack of three (normally -- ouch! --$9.50 a pair). I just ordered more online. They stay up, they stay down, they have that pretty lace waistband, and it hits at a great spot below the navel but above the dentable soft spots -- or at least the stretchy lace spreads out the indentation.

I may be wrong, but I believe women as young as 39 could feel good in these panties. I know I feel good in mine.

Though I have to admit, pulling on the long-johns over them on these chilly Seattle days kind of detracts....


EscapeVelocity said...

I grew up with those kind of underwear and didn't think anything about it, until I was hanging out my laundry on the balcony of a dorm where I was living in Germany, and one of the guys said, "Meine Oma hat schaerfere Teile!" I have a pretty varied collection currently, from kinda baggy unbleached organic cotton to lace thongs (last BF was into lingerie). But nothing that reaches the waist, except a couple pair of boxers I bought when I was doing an offshore race with a boatful of guys and wanted to be a little more discreet.

Anonymous said...

If I may say so I think women are even sexier in a nice full cut nylon panty. I believe they leave more to the imagination. So I enjoy the fact that you are sporting the still sexy "Granny Panties". I'm a sucker for a woman in the nice full back nylon panties. Gives a guy hope your still out there.


Anonymous said...

keep on wearing the nylon panties also try and getting vanity fair panties you will love them

Anonymous said...

mary. make a mans day and post some pics of you wearing your hanes nylon panties to real panties.

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