Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gratitude Practice

The truth is, my day started off badly enough yesterday that by the time I headed for school to tutor, I realized I'd better try to turn things around by counting my blessings as I walked along.

The main problem was nosebleed. Is it indoor heating? Is it the Flonase I took, briefly, on my doc's recommendation? Is it Old Age of the Nose?

Whatever it is, I can't remember having nosebleeds until a month ago, and now I've had several. Anyway, yesterday I leapt from bed determined to do my morning stretches, and instead spent the time with my nostrils pressed together with my tissue-filled left hand -- "ten minutes, and don't stop to check midway!" --  while, with my right, I scoured blood drips from my bedroom carpet.

Blood! It's awful! Sticky and thick and gushing! I think nosebleeds would be good cures for people tempted to murder.

Then later, there's the blob of rolled up kleenex sticking out of the nostrils, just in case. Not a good look for me.

Anyway, here's the positive outcome. I was thankful for the blueberries I ate for breakfast. I had thawed them from my freezer. I myself had put them in there, in the ziploc bag, after my traditional midsummer picking trip to Bybee Farms, in the shadow of Mt Si, with my pal, Dana.

That's a lot to be thankful for, all in the shape of a little round berry.


Lacey in the City said...

Not to mention the memories that the blueberries probably bring back. Summertime, outings, friends. So looking forward to those coming months this year :)

Anonymous said...
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