Sunday, March 15, 2015

Friday Night Lights, My Hero

So, I want to test out whether I can still write here. I've been thinking about my favorite modern television series, Friday Night Lights. In case you've missed it, it's about a Texas high school, especially the football team. Sure, I realize nobody can be that enthused about football these days, particularly for kids, now that we know too well what it's doing to brains, but I don't exactly watch it for the football. In any case, on the second time through, I'm more aware of all kinds of problems with the series, but I still love to watch.

As we were cycling the other day, on a trip I had initiated and kind of planned, I announced, as leader, our thought for the day. (I know, I know, I sound like a pain in the butt. But that's me!) "As Coach said last night on Friday Night Lights," I said, "'Gentlemen, the man you are on that field tonight is the man you'll be for the rest of your life.'"

There I was, in the middle of watching FNL on my computer, and I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote that down.

To me, it means that the choices you make about your behavior -- your enthusiasm and fortitude and team spirit and grit -- aren't things you put on and off. Who you are is who you are. You can't maintain that who you are matches some ideal you plan to implement later.

Well, my friends were unmoved. To put it mildly. And I have a high level of trust and respect for them. Have I just been watching too much TV? What do you think?

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